Columbia Financial Analysts Club (CFAC) exists to provide finance education and experience to the Columbia community, through organizing weekly workshops on finance technicals and case studies and cultivating a collegial atmosphere where emphasis is put on collaborative learning. 

Columbia Private Equity Group (CPEG) is the external-facing events group within CFAC, focused on connecting private equity firms and professionals with Columbia students.



CFAC consists of an executive board that oversees administrative procedures, and an Analyst class that is recruited into the CPEG Foundations program, the central function of the club. Analysts will be able to join the executive board after 1-2 semesters of training. CFAC’s training program was developed over the course of 3 years, incorporating the experiences of students recruited into investment banking and consulting, as well as alumni recruited from those industries into private equity. Broadly, CFAC’s training program encompasses accounting, financial statement analysis, operating projections and forecasting, valuation methodologies (discounted cash flow analysis, comparable company analysis, precedent transaction analysis, leveraged buyout (LBO) analysis, and more), and advanced topics (restructuring, NOLs, debt capital markets, and more).

Through our educational initiatives, members gain new skills, receive mentorship, and obtain access to practical application via internship opportunities. CFAC’s education program combined with CPEG’s industry network and comprehensive platform helps undergraduates navigate through the world of private equity by engaging with real cases and insider perspectives. Members will graduate with extensive knowledge of the private equity industry and with meaningful leadership experiences. Due to CFAC’s tight-knit alumni network, members typically receive extensive one-on-one mentorship from alumni as well as upperclassmen.

Joining CFAC

Due to our desire to cultivate a group of passionate private equity specialists that will contribute to the community post-graduation, the process to join CFAC is competitive. Go to “Apply Now” for more information on our recruitment process.